about catriona simpson

Catriona Simpson's work explores the nature of our experience and relationship with the world around us. She lives and works in Edinburgh.

Artist Statement

My work examines our human perception of the environment in which we live and the time in which we pass through it. As a society we are encouraged to live life vicariously, experiencing as much as possible by way of technology - internet, television and computer games. I am interested in how that alters our 'real' experience or the world, what is 'real', was the experience in some way diluted, or transformed into something else entirely?

Tiny details and fragments which are delicately woven into the fabric of our day to day lives form the kaleidoscopic pattern which colours our experience. An atmosphere is subtly altered one moment to the next, according to the person within it and their perception of it.

In my work I am, in part, recording a sense of the atmosphere, remaining fragments or traces of a moment already past, creating a tangible monument to the ethereal, but also exploring how atmosphere can be manipulated. In effect I am uncovering, magnifying and translating my sense of experience of a particular place and time.